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Unchained Melody (1965) - The Righteous Brotherz
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The Ghost In My Shoez


by Murph

Empty shoez on a floor make me think there's a ghost standing there -- when I'm on weed.  


Yet it's not enough to say I was stoned; it's more like, when I'm on weed, I can see a new world.


I don't think it's crazy to assume that -- if ghostz existed -- they might congregate above any stray set of shoez in the area.   It's a "when in Rome" type thing.  I mean if I was hanging with a pack of ghostz and there was a cloud floating by, I would jump on to be one of the boiz. 


Anyway, the question is whether or not these ghostz are real and whether or not they have a message for me.  I'm open to any ethereal guidance; my grandmother always told me not to pass on free advice.


Ancient Chinese philosopher Mozi actually argued against offensive war on the grounds that it is unpleasant for the ghostz.  The ghostz, in fact, were the only entities that could approve war according to Mozi.  For him, the only justifiable war was one designed to righteously punish.  And only a vision of the ghostz would let a king or ruler know if a war action was justified.  


Benjamin Wong and Hui-Chieh Loy analyzed Mozi's argument for ghostz in the academic journal Philosophy East and West.  Wong and Loy (2004) cite Mozi: "If we could only convince the people of the world that. . .ghostz and spiritz have the power to reward the worthy and punish the wicked, then how can there be any disorder in the world?"  And that's it!  That's the message in a nutshell. 


Gettin' My Mantra On


I have no stake in the economic and bigoted fights between men and nations.  It's my only mission to convince the world -- through my heroic writing -- to turn away from their modern, scientific upbringings long enough to realize that the spiritual world enforces karma.


Consider this a message from the ghostz in stray shoez!  No matter what world you rule!  Even if it's only your own!  Rule righteously and benevolently.  Forgive yourself and beyond.


I leave you with a mantra I wrote while on weed:


In a peaceful world, can there be warring nationz?


In a peaceful nation, can there be a crime-ridden city?


In a peaceful city, can there be a violent home?


In a peaceful home, can there be a wounded heart?


January 2018

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