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The Inaugural "Kill-A-Keg" Pop-Up Party!


Wow, it was awesome! We teamed up with O'Shea's Pub ( of the longest standing bars in downtown West Palm Beach...) on Clematis Street along with the Kismet Vintage store ( of the newest, coolest shops in downtown...).

We had one keg, a speaker jamming out some chill tunes, and a bunch of random cool people stopping off for a free beer.

It was funny: As is well-known, Got Goggz isn't obsessed with "purpose". We simply believe the greatest way to pass the time is with great conversation. So, folks from Boston, Atlanta, and Orlando all happened by and responded to my call: "Want a free beer?"

Everyone was obsessed with asking: "What is this for?" "Why are you doing this?" or "What are you promoting?"

When I finally settled them down and convinced them that we were simply here to support great conversation, they were blown away and began to exhibit childish glows and feel-good vibes! It was a great bunch.

Overall, just under 2 hours it took to kill the keg, we probably had twenty to twenty-five former strangers relaxing, conversing, laughing. No one worried about their phones. We focused on one thing: killing the keg! And it felt great!

TIME TO KILL KEG: 1 Hour, 47 Minutez.

Beer Man

March 2021

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