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The Best Is Yet To Come (1959) - Frank Sinatra
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The New Roaring '20s!

by Zachy

So, it's been a hundred years since the last flu pandemic.  And the only good news is that it's also been a hundred years since the last decade dedicated and known for one thing only: partying! :))


The Roaring '20s followed World War 1 and the Spanish Flu pandemic -- and it fuckin' rocked!  Big band Count Basie shit; kissing in public; you name it!


We -- as a nation -- need to likewise commit to a decade of peace, prosperity, and partying!  We don't even have alcohol prohibition to get in the way.  If anything, there's a nationwide movement to legalize weed!  Omg!  This decade is ripe to the be the best thing we've ever experienced!

Let streaming, tech, and chill party music replace moviez, electricity, and big band soundz of the 1920s!  Let's do it all again -- excitement, hopefulness, all you can handle!



I want street and rooftop partiez to dominate!  I want them funded by the government!  Let it be our civic duty to get down and boogie!  I want dance music everywhere!  Free beer eventz sponsored by do-gooderz and non-profitz!  New fashion trendz and maybe even a new sexual revolution!  This Roaring '20s will be in color! 


Everyone needs to commit more than ever to having fun, getting laid, and not giving two shitz about anything but what makes them smile.

March 2021

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