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Wide Open Spaces - Mansun (1997)
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New To Fatherhood?

by Bradley

"...You have to be on Army-style nap notice.  You ever see doctorz?  They can fall asleep in less than a minute on a second’s notice.  And I’m talking that deep sleep.  The kind that matters and means something.  That’s fatherhood. 

You have to be able to recognize the rare instant where there is silence in your vicinity.  It could be the wife and kidz simply going to get the mail or they may decide to blow bubblez in the yard.  Wherever you lay, drop down for that sweet shut eye like it may never happen again.  Think not; know it won’t last long.

Of course, this is all necessary because as soon as you become a father all of the thingz you may go through – all of your needz – mean literally nothing to anyone in the family.  Sleep – and anything else you need – is for humanz.  You’re not human.  You’re a father.  Fatherz don’t need. 

The only good newz is that over the yearz, this complete lack of consideration for much of your adult life earns you “elder” status.  Ever wonder why our grandfatherz sat at the end of tablez, never saying a word – like some stone statue.  It’s not innate within them, or even what they were taught.  It’s simply a compelete resignation to the fact that whatever you say – and whatever feelingz you want to express – will be ignored anyway.  So,  why not just sit there all pissed off with a face of marble?  Lord knows they never slept either.  How social do you think they were feeling?..."

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