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I Am Not My Hair (2006) - Indie Arie ft. Akon
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A Bizarro Samson, Female + Stronger


by Pamela

"...Living life like its golden!  Even if I had to shave my head bald!  It was yearz ago, but it started my journey into being who I am.


I was defined by my hair.  And it all went down the drain.  I had just opened a salon, and I tried a new color -- a new chemical.  As I shampoo’d my hair, I started to feel little clumpz coming off in my handz.


My kidz were in shock.  My youngest daughter cried.  I was married to an army officer and you didn’t see a lot of afroz, much less bald-headed women.  I was no longer in the status quo of what an officer’s wife should look like.  People judged me without getting to know me.  That’s what happened.


I could either cry in the shampoo bowl or live my best life.   It was the first time I began to live out loud.


So no more waxez.  No more relaxerz.  Nothing.  Having kinky, curly hair was an eye opener.  I grew out a big fro.  It got bigger and bigger.  People thought I was suddenly into black power, but I was still the same sweet Pam.


It was all about embracing myself.  I interlock it now, but it’s still my natural hair..."


June 2019

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