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You Only Live Once (2006) - The Strokez
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by AJ

"...Yeah, brother.  Art is not defined by the way it is created.  It's defined by how we are devotionally connected with it.  With water colors -- you mess up -- it's over.  The pencil has the eraser.  You can paint over paint.  There's oils.  But digital art allows you to control Z and start over half way back and take it in another direction.

I was totally influenced by Bob Ross.  Most people think he's a crazy hippie, but he always used to say, "Let the painting tell you what direction to go in."  The first true piece of art I ever did was Nozrider -- the old Woody station wagon is on the beach with the long boarder.  The pier is in the background.  The story morphed into a surfer coming in after a long day at sunset.  


But it started out as more of a tropical, sunny day.  I was creating trees.  Now there's no trees at all.  There was a lot of panoramic empty space all around the trees.  I kept staring into the space wondering what should be around that central iconic image.  I filled it in and the seminal iconic image disappeared.

No doubt.  That's my direction in life.  I don't sleep; I live everyday like there is no tomorrow.  Like the art evolves as I create it, I learn as I go.

Venice.  That again kind of morphed into itself.  It became an elephant man on a gondola with the iconic city behind him.  I have a super photographic memory.  You take little bits and pieces from all your memories and it comes out on its own.  The way the sun hits the ground.  A robot drinking beer.  King Kong battling a T-Rex.  Every little thing.


Like Warhol.  Who would of thought you can make a soup can into a piece of art?  It's about looking at the world a little bit differently with a thirst for life.  I wear rose-colored glasses..."


September 2018

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