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Sun Models (2014) - ODEZSA
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Flow Job


by Abyssal Hoops

"...I just got a warm feeling in my uterus.  Felt great!  


I love Subculture!


I come to Subculture every day to obtain my flow states.  To read.  To write.  Talk to my friends.  The environment is so much better than my house.  I have the freedom to daydream and allow my imagination to soar.


I just read Flow by […Abbi turns turns the cover of Mihaly Csikszentmihaly’s national bestseller…] -- I don’t even try, I call him M.C.  He talks about flow as the key to optimal experience.  In a career, sex, in life.  It’s physical, mental, sexual.  And flow is actually all about organization.


When I’m hula hooping, I have a very small stage.  I have to concentrate on dancing to the music.  Watch for drunk people at my feet.  All while organizing my tricks to have an excellent performance.


Everyone looks and sees a girl having fun.  It may seem completely physical.  But, flow is mental too.  There’s a million things going through my head.  I’m organizing.  Only then can I let go and achieve flow.


[...Abbi reads…] “Without systems for ordering information, even the clearest memory will find consciousness in a state of chaos.”  


The more complex something is, the more organization that is needed, the more flow is achieved.  You can’t get to a flow state without being completely focused.


I can’t believe I get paid to do what I love.  I hoop and go on amazing adventurez.  But, even that state of flow is achieved through all the hard work I put in with making videos, a website, training and learning tricks.  Organization is the key to flow.


It’s the same with sex.  Flow is extremely sexual.  When you’re able to obtain a flow state when having sex, it is an optimal experience.  How do I put this into wordz?  Experiencing another person manifesting their reality with me as an intimate part of it creates a whole new world.  I like to be submissive to that, but my world could be working in other ways, I don’t know.  In that I want to offer that experience.  I like flow with monogamy.  That’s the organization that’s best to be able to let go with passion.  Monogamy is a focus.  You really know that person.  Flow in a relationship is fuckin’ ecstasy.


M.C. talks about how sports can be compared to romance in that most people are […Abbi points at text…] “content to hear about it or watch a few experts perform it.”  How boring is that!!!  Romance can be the source of flow.  Then take it to the concert, or to the stage.


Ahh, I love having my flow job!  Oh, hahahahahaha…Flow job..."

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