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How Marilyn Manson Killed "Me Too"

by Laura

Obviously, as a woman, I'm all about the "Me Too" Movement and deconstructing Hollywood's horrific problems.  But -- like most everything guided by the media -- it has been over-kindled and now has fully burned out in light of the Marilyn Manson accusations.


Really?  The dood with Satan tatz and demon make-up didn't turn out to be a straight shooter?  Geez, you brought him home to mom and everything?  Wow, no one saw a red flag when he quoted his "Birds of Hell" lyric before eating his bangers and mash?  Your dad was on board?  He didn't make any comments?


Give me a fuckin' break!  The only bit I saw of the media coverage was the burlesque dancer from London who apparently rode up and down on Manson's -- I'm assuming -- super tiny wee-wee and then took and invite to go live with him in America.  Seemed like a sure-fire plan!  What could go wrong?  Did you get that move out of the Victorian book of etiquette?  You obviously require the "Queen" treatment.

Total Piece Of Shit


And let's get down to it, frankly.  The ass-head looks like an ugly Howard Stern, which isn't easy.  The creep has no voice and just sharts into a microphone most of the time.  Where's the talent?  Yeah, one or two of the band's hitz have some cool guitar stuff, but Manson doesn't even play.  He's solely responsible for the sick content of lyricz and that nauseating stage presence.  What's to even be a groupie about?  He's no R. Kelly! 


To each her own, but Marilyn Manson killed "Me Too" as it's impossible for me to have an ounce of sympathy for any woman would even talk to that dood, much less date him.  He has to smell weird -- a combo of chlorine, stale make-up, and poop.

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