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I Thought I Told Ya (2019) - Silky Milky Sugar
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Something Sweeter


by Reece The Beast

"...Not good enough, matez!  This is Something Sweeter!  So we’re gonna release this thing our own way! 


I’m renting a house in Lake Worth for the summer and launching the Silky Milky Sugar radio station.  W! S! M! S!  Check it out, boiz!  [Reece lifts his phone and opens his photo app.  He turns the phone, displaying a picture of an old school radio machine.]  Let’s just say I got it on e-bay and it runs.  Don’t believe what you read in the paper!  I was nowhere near that museum on the day in question.


It’s a 1912 telegraph machine and I’ve got it rigged to run audio.  Been workin’ on it for a few months.  It will broadcast over fifteen kilometerz.  My mate verified reception in Royal Palm -- over ten kiloz away. 


Imagine my sick riffz and Timmy’s massive drum sound floating through the South Florida air.  Silky Milky Sugar will own the waves too.  Any ship moving along the shore will be jammin’ “I Thought I Told Ya".  


The only thing we’re going to advertise for three monthz is to tune into the Silky station.  We’ll drop flyerz -- at every show that rocks in the area.  


I’m still working out the kinks but I think AM radio will catch it somewhere in the upper five hundred channelz.  We’ll run it twenty-four/seven -- only interrupted by my mid-morning breakfast podcast discussing Timmy’s awesome marital relationship.  He really is an example for us all to live by.  He also has some awesome recipez he’s been itching to share.  The world needs to know Timmy.


Now, that’s how you release a record, boiz!..."

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