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Washed By The Water (2008) - Needtobreathe
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I Heart Hanson


by Danielle

"…That’s how we met!  We were Hanson fanz and got Hanson tattooz together!  I’m definitely committed to my favorite bandz.  But, my number one has to be Needtobreathe.  


I can’t remember how it happened but I was given a song by them about ten years ago.  They did a secret show at a little dive in Boston.  I just happened to be there.  The first one hundred people got in and it was a game changer.   


I was also front row at a show in Fort Lauderdale.  Got a note from the lead singer.  Their roadie came over to where we were hanging out after and asked, “Were you the one wearing the red hat?”  I pulled out my red beanie and he gave me a piece of paper.  It literally had only an email address.  So what do you do when a lead singer gives you his email address?  You email him!


They invited me to go bowling, but I was in college and had a test.  We did keep in touch and I saw him a few more times on the Rock Boat cruisez they headlined out of Miami. 


But, best concert ever?   Needtobreathe at Red Rocks!  I was in Denver visiting friends and it was amazing.  It’s the rockz.  The sound bounces off them beautifully.  When they started to harmonize or go a capella, it was amazing.  And the light.  It was on my bucket list.  But you need to be in shape.  I bought the sticker “I survived the climb”.  There’s no driving.  You have to hike it.  It’s so gorgeous.


All that and I saw Hanson play with the Denver symphony orchestra only a few days before!  I’m committed to my favorite bandz…"


June 2019

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