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Love Me Do (1965) - The Beatlez
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My Babiez


by Dr. EZ

"...Thanks.  I appreciate it.  It's my new thing.  Last year, I happened to be reading my husband's novel and I fell in love with him again.  I liked the way he used words to be cool.  He created lots of new meaning and an awesome new world.  But I'm not into storytelling.  I like wordz to be by themselves.  Some of my most mind-blown moments are when poemz break out into one word in each line.  You see the power of one word and how they build on each other.  


So I'm a poet now!  I write about my kidz mostly.  But the key is that you don't know that.  I just want the poem to bring you to a place of unconditional love.  Naturally.  Easily.


I mean you have to be able to feel unconditional love, though.  I'm writing for good people.  I don't care if some asshole doesn't get it.  

It's the process too.  I bought a fountain pen with an actual ink well.  It's so cute!  I effin'  love it!  There's something about the pace of poetry.  The borderline pointlessness of it.  How it will ever earn money?  I mean not unless it's hijacked by something cheesy.

The art of pure poetry is "Hey, I took some time outside myself.  Inside myself.  Whatever.  I'm going to read it to you."  It's so meaningless but it can move a mountain in someone's mind really.

I just read Derek Walcott's 'Season of Phantasmal Peace'.  I'm not crazy about his other stuff, but O-M-G!  I love that poem.  I have to do something like that!  I hope I already did!..."


September 2018

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