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Love City Here We Go!


Love, in its many formz, makes people do all sorts of thingz. We root for our teamz; we imitate our heroez. Sometimes love even abducts our better senses and sends us down the darkened alleywayz of the psyche. Our recent Goggz trip to Philadelphia reminded the entire crew that the full spectrum of humanity is always able to surprise us as we hunted for the Got Goggz Philly issue venue.

At the Hard Rock Cafe, we had a pleasant experience with food, beer, and live trivia. Because we stuck it out, our bill ended up being discounted by the gift card we won for 2nd place. Booya! Then, suddenly, some lady went postal and started sweeping dishez and glassware off the bar with her armz. The violence of the moment took us all by surprise, yet it was one of the momentz I loved most about the trip. 'Twas the Philly experience, fool!

Another classic Philly experience was, of course, the running of the stepz in front of the art museum. What brings you closer to feeling like Rocky!? It was a beautiful sunny day, so the people were out in drovez, and many of them were running the stepz with all they could muster.

We frequented McGillin's Olde Ale House, where the karaoke was flowing one night and the Villanova fans were out for the March Madness excitement. I definitely don't recommend the Screwdriver there. It comes in an insultingly tiny glass. I didn't think to look at the time, but I'm guessing the bartender had a chuckle watching our reactionz as those drinks reached the table.

Finally, we did spend some quality time at Fergie's -- where the hummus is spectacular. But it was Finn McCoolz that earned the Got Goggz first Philly issue as their in-house music was out of this world. Every time I was in, I was shazam-in' something. The Front Page's soundtrack -- Primal Scream's "Rock" -- was discovered as I sipped at McCoolz. In fact, everyone who stars in the McCoolz issue features a song we discovered there! At Got Goggz, we dig our mag radio -- and we dig our Guinneyz with deep, cool indie trackz.

Beer Man

April 2022


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