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Funk With Us (2021) - SloFunkPump
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Dood Fuckin' Peed!


by Sofia Trompetista

"...Yeah, he’s like super old — in his 70s.  Oldest dude in the band by about five decadez.  Every time we see him now we ask him “Did you bring your diaperz?”  I think our guitarist even made a meme of a diaper with his face on it.


It was our second show of the day on our big debut weekend as a 9-man Ska band.  It was Churchill’s in Miami if you know it.  There’s only two bathroomz and they are terrible.  Disgusting.  Covered in puke.  Lights don’t work.  And as a bonus if you flush a toilet, it shoots up in the air!


So, after the show, we’re in the RV and — Bembe is his name — just drops a “Hey, did you know I peed?  Look at my pantz!” after the post-show photo.  Apparently he was so scared to go into those bathrooms he peed during the show!


We never nailed it down, but he has a big conga solo in the middle of the set.  I like to think he peed during his solo..."


March 2021

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