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Mindfields (1999) - The Prodigy
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Pill Poppin'


by SloFunkPump

"...Yeah, the blue pill is the one that resets you to sleep.  Well, not sleep, but you’re unaware.  The red pill makes you aware and the agents can’t take you over.  But, I was thinking that it’s actually a narrow concept to think of awareness as two pills.


I think there’s a black pill.  You know.  Like those that are evil and aware.  And a green pill.  One that makes you know how benevolence is a king’s virtue.  I don’t know.  


But I think they should make another one.  Call it Matrix: The Resurrection.  I think it’s the Star Wars of the 21st century.  It has to be revisited right?  There’s a million Matrix movies that could be made.  I don’t know if you can top the effects themselves, though.


The first Terminator was on TBS the other night; I couldn’t believe how cheesy the graphics were at the end when the Terminator was being crushed.  But by the sequel, liquid graphics -- with the formed blade through the stepdad’s head -- were somewhat mastered.  The Matrix perfected liquid graphics with the building exploding into waves.


The Matrix Effect itself was dreamed first; then they had to build the tech to create it.  Which is kind of mind-blowing when you think of the philosophical concepts of awareness the movie deals with.  The Matrix single-handedly created a human populace that can now experience dreams externally.  They literally woke humanity.  Whether we knew it or not.


That’s the pinnacle of movie making to me.  Talk to Felini, yo!  Can you capture dreaming?


The Matrix Effect is the pinnacle of movie making.  It finally makes it possible to capture dreams with no filter.  It’s not even a replica.  Fuck Baudelaire.  It is consciousness.     


Can anything make the Matrix Effect seem dated?  Is it possible?  In a way, despite the fact that it takes intensely advanced computer graphics to create, the Matrix Effect is primordial.  It’s the inner nature of the mind.


It’s now all about context -- plot, character, or whatever -- that will make liquid graphics startling.  Not that all of those didn’t play into the Matrix Effect, but the isolated graphic is no longer mind-blowing in itself.  We’re all completely used to seeing the visuals of dreaming recreated on the screen outside our mind.


We may be in the first decades of movie makers who can recreate all things -- both in dreaming and reality.  Every maker born post-Matrix now has unlimited vision.  All things dreamed can be part of a story.  It’s perfect artistic freedom.  


Oh, shit, did I tell you?  I’m going to check the Dali museum in a couple months.  I wonder what Dali would do with the Matrix Effect?  The purple pill..."


January 2018

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