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The Next President

by Jenna

It’s obvious that Trump is crushing it.  Wow, at least there’s no dull momentz.  It’s not the same political bullshit we’re used to hearing.  A change of pace for the sake of a change of pace?


Anyway, if we want to keep this going, we better start looking at the other hotel pioneer giants for the next President of our great civilization!

Here are the top finalists from my initial -- albeit half-assed -- research.  There will be mintz on pillowz!


Howard Johnson


While he crafted a great hotel chain, many don’t realize that Johnson started as an ice cream maker and salesman.  What if all press conferences, White House events, and what have you were also catered with tasty, high-end ice cream?


J. Willard Marriott


Another great hotel creator who started as a root beer stand operator.  Is anyone smelling a VP candidate?  With Johnson as President, Marriott can bring in the root beer for some float action!  All night long baby!  I don’t mind the carbonation!


Jack D. Crouch


Crouch is only a backup candidate if either Johnson or Marriott get embroiled in a sex scandal that drops them too far in the polls.  Let’s face it, as restaurateurs turned hotel magnatez, there has to be some panty sniffing in their past.  Anyway, Crouch founded Hyatt Hotelz after starting the first drive-thru.  His son is a former Assistant Secretary of Defense, U.S. Ambassador to RomaniaDeputy National Security Adviser, and Assistant to the President.  So, there’s that.


[Got Goggz Note:  All but Marriott are deceased.]  

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