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Sharp Dressed Man (1983) - ZZ Top
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by Marty

I am a lover of the shimmering hide -- specifically leather jacketz -- and I feel tinglez when gazing on a fine specimen.

It's not enough for me to let it be a simple moment of appreciation, I must investigate, ponder, and analyze.

One of the best jacketz I've ever gazed upon was on Rocky himself during his appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman a few years back.


Stallone donned a black leather coat that truly elevates the genre to elegance.  It's not a rebel's coat or an outlaw's garment that Stallone wears -- it's a tailor's masterpiece and a king's cloak.

Formal Analysis

1. The Jacket's Gesturez:  Stallone has always had great posture and a tough guy walk.  But, in this jacket, these are demanded.  In Victorian times, the undergarments of women reinforced their posture and etiquette.  This glorious coat does the same without an ounce of forced constraint.  Stallone's wave to the crowd, his Fonzie arms during his stroll across the stage, his double two-handed handshake, and his shadow boxing gestures all exude manly confidence.  The jacket is not along for the ride, but it is part and parcel to the gritty style of these moves.  One might imagine -- if it were to be worn during intercourse -- that it would demand optimal sexual performance.  

2.  Fine Stitching:  In the close-up shots, check out the stitching around the edge of the label and the top of the breast pocket.  The thread style is flawless and "stamped" in a way that accentuates the fine, borderline pristine appearance of the hide.

3.  The Silver Glow:  Stallone wears a chrome belt buckle.  Note how it mirrors the glow of the black leather in the light.  Few pieces of clothing must have a symbiotic relationship with light, but leather is one.  Stallone's jacket subtly glows.  Gazing at its reflection is like staring into a lover's eyes -- majestic and inspiring.

4.  The Cut:  Stallone's jacket does not conform to the usual waistline bottom of the traditional leather, but instead, adheres to the strict, conventional cut of a suit jacket.  What's amazing is that it does not lose any of the elevated formality, but it does lose all of the "stuffiness" that might accompany such a style.  Stallone's jacket exudes confident, yet unpretentious, class.  And it turns me on (…in a fashion sense…).


September 2018

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