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X-Ray Visions (2015) - Clutch
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Punk Duckz


by ChrisArt

"...All are available for adoption.  I don’t create the memoriez; I just twist them.


Yeah, it all started as an act of desperation and became my art.  I started as a jeweler.  I still use jeweler’s toolz, or modify them to do what I need to do, to make punk duckz.  So, I was at my third or fourth event, when I got an invite to exhibit at an art show with an “Island of Misfits” toy theme.  I decided I’d come up with a ‘one-off’ toy line and started promoting.  But my initial idea fell apart --


Those are the pretty punk princess poniez.  The mouse?  The mouse is sixteen bucks.


Yeah, people were asking me what my pieces were going to be about and I was just saying: “Gotta show up to find out!”  But I had no idea!  I was desperate.  I was spinning my wheelz.  About a week and a half before the show, I had pretty much given up.  Then I randomly walked into a grocery store and I saw a bag of rubber duckz on a shelf.  I was like [...Chris widens his eyes + extends his arms and fingers...]: “I wonder what I can do with these?”  


It struck a nerve with everybody.  Other promoters came up to me with invites to showz and they were always asking: “Can you bring the duckz?”  Now I sell them in galleries all over the world.  So, it’s my art basically --


Whoa, little buddy, those are sharp.  Got to treat it like art.  Like a painting.


My studio is a pile of medal and toyz.  What I do a lot is I’ll load up a streaming service and play a documentary.  Or, some sci-fi to see what it sparks in my head.  From there I mix and match chains, spikes, and bands to make each one it’s own unusual, original, one-of-a-kind piece of art.  That doesn’t affect the price, though --


Yeah, sure, fifteen is fine.  Now I have to give you the spiel:  This is for art purposes only; keep away from small children and petz.  You have a good weekend now..."


January 2018

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