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You Make My Dreams Come True (1980) - Hall & Oatez
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Get Your Dream On


by Brock

"...You're living a dream.  Now, I'm no existentialist or nihilist, but my point is that you spend a good deal of your life in dreamland.


If you actually get your eight hourz in a night, it's possible that one-third of every day is in a boundless world filled with metaphor and -- as far as I'm concerned -- instruction.

Jack Nicklaus once had a dream where he adjusted his grip on the golf club.  He woke up and tried it out; then he went on a rampage of tournament winz.  We've got to be mining our dreamz for the clues to everything!  Work, fam, you name it.


Too much practical, scientific thinking is dangerous.  It's not inspiring and it's not efficient.  And, fuckin' A, it's not the mechanics of life!  Mommy and Daddy are all "It's just a dream".  We're told to forget them, repress 'em, or discount 'em.


We need to believe in them!  At least that's what my lead with all the ladiez on the first date.  Anyway, you said you went to NYU for a year?  Was that as exciting as it sounds?..."


June 2017

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