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Got Goggz Gets Born!

Got Goggerz:

Wow! Inspiration struck in mid-2016 on a black limo ride into Seattle. Me and my writing buddy and fellow Jester House Press founder, Dr. EZ, were headed into Edge City to attend a pop culture conference. Looking at the agenda upon arrival, we looked for the most likely seminar to turn into a party.

"Beer Culture" it was! :)) Not to mention that my brother and I plan to start a brewery soon.

So, during a few tasty pintz sesh at the hippest back tap room in the city, Dr. EZ -- the Hunter S. Thompson to my Dr. Gonzo -- fired off a demand that we write a collection of essayz on Beer Theory.

Fast forward through a conversation with a hyper active professor, a few more pints with a feminist super hero, and a confidential consultation with my childhood priest, Got Goggz was re-imagined as a venue-logue that covers awesome hangoutz from the inside out in a mag radio format!

Welcome to Got Goggz! Coming to a venue near you!

Beer Man

June 2017

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