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Beer Man Gets Stranded


The trip home from St. Thomas (...where I had been for two weeks to celebrate my sister-in-law's 40th birthday...) was certainly eventful.

Our flight was delayed due to -- and I shit you not on this -- a goat meandering onto the runway. By the time that damn goat finally moved its ass out of our way, extreme windz moved in, and we were delayed another thirty minutes.

We made it to Fort Lauderdale only to be delayed an entire night. We were lucky enough to get SloFunkPump -- one of our Got Goggz musical sponseez -- on the horn and he put us up for the night.

From there, we figured why not hit a few of our favorite SoFlo venuez from back when Dr. EZ and I stomped these grounds in grad skool? Why not hang wit dem localz + get gogged up?!? Heck! We might just hang in SoFlo for a while -- so many awesome venuez!

Our inevitable destination was the Funky Buddha that night (stay tuned!) where we chilled with the entire SloFunkPump crew during their band meeting over beerz and cornhole.

Before going back to the airport the next morning, we hit Subculture Coffee (...circa West Palm Beach location...). That issue is live! 8') But more coming soon!

Beer Man

January 2018

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