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North American Scum - LCD Soundsytem (2007)
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My Boy Blue!


by Adriana

"...When you start a city, I think the first thing you need is a toothless, dirt bum. 


Every effin’ time I get into a big city from the airport, the first person to greet me on the street is the same rail-thin, octogenarian dood who for some reason has to repeatedly open his bottom jaw and then bring it all the way up over his top gumz [mimics jaw motion of bum].  


Philly's no different.  Is this Waiting for Godot?  The nonsense of it all.  All the tourist ads, the movie mystique, the history of this city -- and the face of the franchise is a dirt bum with bugged out, crazy eyez -- the same dirt bum in every other major metropolis! 


It’s like waking from a glorious dream of heaven to the nightmare of the underbelly of urban life.  It’s like if Rocky face-planted as he ran the stepz to the Philly MOA.  All of the excitement of another trip into the pulse of modernity is quickly – if briefly – vacuumed out of my soul.  I feel as hopeless and desperate as a bridge dweller with torn clothez. 


Anyhoo, I selfied with the poster boy for human trash.  Check it out! [shows pic on phone]..."

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